CareCredit Accepted

CareCredit: Affordable Dental Care on a Budget

Sometimes even with a discount or with insurance, it can be hard to afford the entire fee for a dental procedure. We understand how challenging dental care can be for families. That’s why we accept CareCredit, a low to no-interest credit plan that helps families afford dental care and other health costs.

Why Wait for Treatment?

CareCredit makes it possible to get treatment right away. This can be especially helpful for dental emergencies like a broken or chipped tooth, a filling that fell out, or dental pain. It can also help you afford necessary but expensive dental treatments like implant crowns, dental fillings, and dental bonding.

Financial options like CareCredit give you the freedom to get the dental care your family needs. Dental health is so crucial to overall health. Every family deserves the care they need, no matter their budget.

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