Bad Breath & Dental Care

Bad Breath? What You Can Do to Cure Halitosis

Breath mint? Take a hint. Someone’s subtly telling you your breath stinks — time to do something about it. Bad breath is a million dollar industry. Gum, mints, mouthwashes line the shelves with the sole purpose of flavoring your breath in hopes it smells better. But as any dentist will tell you, these are only

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A Dentist’s Guide to Stopping Tooth Decay in Children

Got Kids? A Dentist’s Guide to Stopping Tooth Decay in Children

  How do you stop tooth decay in children?  As dentists, we get it: You wish your kids came with an owner’s manual. There’s so much you need to know and do to safeguard their health. And it helps to start when they’re young: By encouraging healthy dental care now, you set them up for

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Why Your Dentist Loves Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants: How They Protect Teeth & Save Money on Dental Care

  Run your tongue over the back of your mouth. It’s a canyon of crevices, ridges, and grooves — tiny deep pits and fissures that can trap food and cavity-causing bacteria. These pockets are difficult to reach with a toothbrush. And that makes them fertile cavity canyons where tooth decay can run rampant. Those back

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Dental Care for Seniors

Senior Moment? Why Dental Care for Older Folks is Critical

As dentists, we treat a lot of seniors. Some of them are grandparents we treated when they were younger parents — we now treat their grown-up children and their grandchildren too. That’s what it means to be a family dentist of multi-generations: You get to watch the Cleveland community grow and age, but the smiles

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What is a dental emergency

What is a Dental Emergency? A Guide to Urgent Care

Something is wrong in your mouth — maybe. Perhaps you’ve cracked or broken a filling. Maybe you feel tooth crown pain. Or perhaps something with your teeth just doesn’t feel right.   Do you have a dental emergency? Perhaps you’re even wondering: What exactly is a dental emergency?   What is a Dental Emergency?  

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Want Great Dental Insurance? How to Boost Benefits & Save Money

Your family depends on dental insurance. It helps control costs and makes it possible for your family to afford the dental care you need.  While dental insurance makes your family’s dental needs manageable and affordable, you likely pay for it — either through your employer or out of pocket through the Health Insurance Marketplace set

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Fluoride Dental Care

Why Fluoride’s Your Dentist’s Best Friend

  Conspiracy theories are everywhere these days. But as dentists, you know the one that really gets our goat? The idea that fluoride treatment is some kind of government-sponsored tranquilizer out to turn America’s citizens into zombies. Huh? Yes, there are people who really do peddle this one — several others. 

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