Here’s How To Control Bad Breath

Love garlic and onions? Us too. Aside from the obvious flavor boost, both offer health benefits. They’re also notorious for causing bad breath. Other causes include deep cavities, dry mouth, oral thrush, and gum disease. So, if you’re ready to eliminate the odor, we’ve come up with a list of ways to control bad breath.

Scrape Your Tongue

Your tongue should normally be pink and free from discoloration.

Sometimes, though, external factors – such as illnesses, certain medications, and antibiotics –  can cause oral thrush, also known as oral candidiasis. Oral thrush is an overgrowth of candida albicans, a species of yeast.

Since an overgrowth of candida can cause bad breath (and discomfort in general) we recommend using a tongue scraper alongside an antifungal treatment regimen.

Even if you’re not suffering from oral thrush, it’s still a good idea to scrape your tongue in order to control bad breath.


Brush and Floss Your Teeth


We know, we know. It’s a very cliché suggestion.

It bears mentioning anyway. Keeping your teeth clean and free from harmful bacteria is crucial to maintaining good oral health.

You can control bad breath by brushing your teeth twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Floss afterward. For a little extra cleanliness, floss between each meal.



Don’t Smoke or Vape

Another cliché worth mentioning. Smoking is bad for your health. It’s proven to lead to lung cancer, oral cancer, heart disease, and a slew of other health problems. Smoking is also tough on your teeth and a common cause of bad breath, also known as “smoker’s breath”. Cigarettes’ leave behind chemical compounds that mix poorly with saliva, leaving behind a very unpleasant odor.

Vaping is just as harmful. The chemicals and flavor enhancers inside vape cartridges pose similar threats to your oral and physical health.

The most common side effect of vaping is dry mouth, which causes bad breath. Disruption of the bacteria in your mouth is also common and leads to tooth decay – another cause of bad breath.

Control bad breath by kicking the habit.


Cut Down on Certain Foods

Coffee is a necessity. Onions are delicious. Garlic is everything. But, too much of each causes bad breath.

It doesn’t stop there. Other foods that cause bad breath include dairy, horseradish, and canned tuna.

You can control bad breath by consuming these foods in moderation.







Everyone experiences bad breath at some point in their lives. It’s important to know the causes in order to keep the conditions in your mouth healthy. We’re here for you every step of the way. If you would like more information, or to book an appointment, give us a call at 440-888-6449 or send us an email using our contact form. One of our representatives will be happy to assist.


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