Does Ice Cream Hurt? What Tooth Pain is Trying to Tell You

Does it hurt to eat ice cream, suck on an ice cube, or even drink a cold glass of water? You’re experiencing tooth sensitivity — a kind of dental pain — which means your teeth are trying to tell you something.

What is Tooth Sensitivity?


Tooth sensitivity is a kind of dental pain that happens when the gums recede or the enamel protecting your teeth wears away. This exposes tiny microscopic openings beneath the enamel that are particularly sensitive to feeling. Hot or cold sensations hurt more than normal. That piercing “ouch” is your tooth’s cry for help — a sign it’s time to come into our Cleveland office for a checkup.


Can It Be Treated?


Absolutely! We can certainly help — and so can you! While it’s still important to come in and see us for a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan, self-care is also part of the healing process.

Here’s what you can do for dental pain and sensitivity:

  • Switch to a soft toothbrush. (These brushes are branded“soft” at the base of the package.)
  • Use a prescription toothpaste that contains special compounds that block sensation from the tooth surface to the nerve. Several applications may be necessary for relief.
  • Swish with a prescription fluoride gel to strengthen tooth enamel and reduce sensation.

Here’s what we can do: 

  • Set a crown, inlay or bonding to correct decay.
  • Apply a surgical gum graft to restore gum tissue in order to reduce sensitivity.
  • Conduct a root canal. This is done in extreme cases for severe sensitivity when other approaches fail.  


The Importance of Daily Dental Care

We know we sound like a broken record, but that’s because it’s so important — brush and floss every day, twice a day. And come in and see us — at least every 6 months, though we may recommend more often if your teeth are especially sensitive or you feel dental pain. Don’t put it off. Just fill out our online contact form with your time preference. You don’t even need to call. It’s that easy!

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