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Quit smoking

Want to Quit Smoking? Your Mouth, Gums, & Teeth Will Thank You

If you smoke, you likely know how bad it is for you. You don’t need a dentist to tell you that. But do you know how good quitting smoking can be for your teeth and overall dental health?  As dentists, we’ve seen benefits of quitting smoking first hand — years of tooth decay and gum

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Healthy Smile Tips from Your Dentist

Want a Lifetime of Healthy Smiles? 6 Dental Care Tricks for Kids

As family dentists serving Middleburg Heights and Cleveland, we’ve treated generations of family smiles. We began treating many of our adult patients when they were children. Now that they’re adults, we treat their children too. For us, dentistry is a family tradition. You can never begin too early — the sooner you start a kid

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A Dentist’s Guide to Stopping Tooth Decay in Children

Got Kids? A Dentist’s Guide to Stopping Tooth Decay in Children

  How do you stop tooth decay in children?  As dentists, we get it: You wish your kids came with an owner’s manual. There’s so much you need to know and do to safeguard their health. And it helps to start when they’re young: By encouraging healthy dental care now, you set them up for

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Why Your Dentist Loves Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants: How They Protect Teeth & Save Money on Dental Care

  Run your tongue over the back of your mouth. It’s a canyon of crevices, ridges, and grooves — tiny deep pits and fissures that can trap food and cavity-causing bacteria. These pockets are difficult to reach with a toothbrush. And that makes them fertile cavity canyons where tooth decay can run rampant. Those back

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Fluoride Dental Care

Why Fluoride’s Your Dentist’s Best Friend

  Conspiracy theories are everywhere these days. But as dentists, you know the one that really gets our goat? The idea that fluoride treatment is some kind of government-sponsored tranquilizer out to turn America’s citizens into zombies. Huh? Yes, there are people who really do peddle this one — several others. 

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Baby & Toddler Tooth Brushing Guide: Are You Ready?

  How early should a child’s dental health be a priority? As soon as they get their first tooth! Even though baby teeth are not permanent, they actually form an important foundation for adult teeth. Taking care of your child’s teeth early on is important! It encourages oral health, prevents disease, and minimizes the risk

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