Dental Implants

You Need To Know These Facts About Bruxism

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed how we operate. The world turned upside down in the blink of an eye, leaving its inhabitants scrambling to pick up the pieces. With all the scrambling came undue hardship, and with undue hardship came undue stress, which is notorious for wreaking havoc on the body. Bruxism – also known

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Denture Problems? Why Permanent Dentures are a Dream Come True!

  Removable dentures are a pain — they fit poorly. They’re wobbly and often come out of place when you chew.  This can take the pleasure out of eating: It’s not as easy as it once was, nor as enjoyable. And that’s too bad because eating should be one of our great joys in life,

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Do Dental Implants Hurt or Cost a Fortune? We Answer Your FAQs

  Facing tooth loss? Ask anyone who’s got them: dentures are a pain. They’re uncomfortable. Since dentures move around, they tend to collect and trap food, which can lead to gum loss and further tooth decay. Some say food doesn’t taste the same after dentures. They may even cause you to gag!   Dentures definitely aren’t

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