Do Dental Implants Hurt or Cost a Fortune? We Answer Your FAQs


Facing tooth loss? Ask anyone who’s got them: dentures are a pain. They’re uncomfortable. Since dentures move around, they tend to collect and trap food, which can lead to gum loss and further tooth decay. Some say food doesn’t taste the same after dentures. They may even cause you to gag!


Dentures definitely aren’t fun. That’s why at our family dentist practice in Middleburg Heights, we always recommend dental implants whenever possible. 

What are Dental Implants?


While dentures are removable replacements for your teeth and gums, an implant is an actual replacement of the tooth that surgically screws into your jaw. Essentially, it’s an artificial tooth that looks and functions like a real tooth.


With dentures, there are no fitting problems. Food still tastes great like before. Life goes on — nobody knows the difference, least of all you.


Do Dental Implants Hurt?


A dental implant procedure doesn’t hurt at all. Many of our patients are quite surprised at how easy it is. You receive more shots of the same numbing agent you’d get for a filling. Your jaw may be a bit sore the following day — but simple over the counter pain medication should suffice. Try to be extra gentle brushing the area around your implant for several weeks. Other than that, there shouldn’t be any problems, so long as you take the required antibiotics to completion. 


Are Dental Implants Expensive?


choosing dental implantsWhere dental implants will hurt is in the pocketbook. The average cost to replace a single tooth can range between $3,000 to $4,500, according to the New York Times. Implants to replace a full set of teeth can run in the 10s of thousands of dollars.


But it is your mouth we’re talking about. And you can expect dental implants to last a lifetime. Compare the cost to a car you might only own for a few years. Many of our patients decide the price may be worth it after all. 


The good news is we do accept payment plans. We also accept CareCredit a low to no-interest credit plan for dental and other health costs.


If you are facing tooth loss or considering dental implants, give us a call. We serve families in the Middleburg Heights, Independence, and Cleveland areas.

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