Do Dental Implants Hurt or Cost a Fortune? We Answer Your FAQs

  Facing tooth loss? Ask anyone who’s got them: dentures are a pain. They’re uncomfortable. Since dentures move around, they tend to collect and trap food, which can lead to gum loss and further tooth decay. Some say food doesn’t taste the same after dentures. They may even cause you to gag!   Dentures definitely aren’t

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Do You Have Gum Disease? 5 Warning Signs to Look Out For

  You might not be a dentist yourself — but you have eyes. Look for these 5 obvious warning signs of gum disease. Think you suffer from any of the following? Call our dental office in Cleveland. We’ll make a complete diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan to get you back to health. 

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Baby & Toddler Tooth Brushing Guide: Are You Ready?

  How early should a child’s dental health be a priority? As soon as they get their first tooth! Even though baby teeth are not permanent, they actually form an important foundation for adult teeth. Taking care of your child’s teeth early on is important! It encourages oral health, prevents disease, and minimizes the risk

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